A Day in a Lenape Village

Educational School Program

Many bands of Lenape settled this region long before the arrival of Henry Hudson in 1609. Vibrant villages, rich cultural traditions passed from one generation to the next, sensible management of the land, the deep convictions knowing that time spent on in Lenapehoeking was limited and the powers that shaped the Lenapes’ beliefs – all of this – is directly related to issues that surround us today. Yet for many, there is only a passing glimpse of a memory to all of this wonderful legacy that is ready to be shared with all.

Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle

A Day in a Lenape Village demonstrates what life would have been like among the Lenape, one day, a very long time ago, when America was not even a part of anyone’s imagination. Come to the Neversink Valley Museum, located on the banks of the Mahachamack River (also know as the Neversink), to catch a glimpse of how families raised children and carried on traditions and beliefs, meals were grown, hunted and prepared, tools were made, important events were celebrated and more.

Now teachers can present to students the opportunity to visit with the Lenape, either as a field trip or an in-school educational program. A Day in a Lenape Village is the perfect program to incorporate any local history lesson into your teaching plans.

We offer two versions of A Day in a Lenape Village:

  • Field Trip: Fee is $6.00 per student and includes the following:
  • An introductory presentation that presents the story of the Lenape
  • Discover how a village was built and the lives that took place therein
  • A interactive demonstration of creating Lenape tools
  • Presentation of agricultural practices and food
  • Introduction to Lenape culture and participation in a Lenape dance circle
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Making a clay pot
  • Facilities for lunch
  • Teachers and chaperons attend for free
  • Teacher’s activity packet available for free
  • Length of program: Two hours
  • A visit to the Museum Gift Shop
Lenape tools
Lenape tools

In-School Program: Fee is $7.00 and includes the following:

  • An introductory 10-minute video presentation that details the story of the Lenape
  • An interactive classroom presentation featuring how and where the Lenape lived, family structure, traditions, managing the earth and their use of natural resources.
  • Artifacts from the Neversink Valley Museum
  • Teacher’s activity packet available for free
  • Length of program: 40 minutes, but can be lengthened if requested
  • A Day in a Lenape Village fulfills New York State Social Studies Teaching Standard 1.

This program can also be tailored to any grade level. Please contact Gina Barbone, Education Director, for more information and booking dates: educationdepartment@neversinkmuseum.org or (845) 754-8870.

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